James L. Gallagher, Inc.

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Recreational Products:

We designed and built custom manufacturing equipment and installed a turn-key manufacturing process at the customer's mast building facility.

Alternative Energy:


We designed and built a fully automated process line for the SMAW-HEDP (Shoulder-Launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon - High Explosive Dual Purpose) composite tube.

Oil & Gas:

We designed and built the production line to manufacture composite components used in the wind turbine industry.

We designed and built several custom machines used to manufacture the composite components in the JASSM (Joint Air to Surface Standoff Missile).

We designed and built a production line to manufacture high performance spoolable pipe for the oil and gas industry.

composite components at work
170' yacht mast composite components at work SMAW-HEDP JASSM spoolable pipe at work
James L. Gallagher, Inc. has worked closely with clients in a variety of diverse industries in all aspects of product design, development and manufacturing.
Our work has been featured on the cover of "High Performance Composites" Magazine.
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